Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Music, Grass Roots

On the verge of releasing a new record and post honeymoon to New Zealand, i've been thinking about the real reasons behind why i use my voice to sing, why i create songs and why i have the desire to travel and share all this with other humans.

To answer these deep questions conclusively is nigh impossible yet i can let you in on one thought that has landed neatly in recent days.
It's grass roots. I first sang when i came out of the womb, using my voice to say something, in my case it was "I'm gonna need some help here because i can't breathe properly". Or when i first found my mother's guitar hidden deep within her wardrobe with 4 strings barely hanging on to the bridge, i was mesmerised. Or when i wrote my first lyrics i couldn't wait to show somebody, anybody! I wanted feedback, i wanted to see if anyone felt the same way i did about life.

So here i am twenty odd years down the track and about to release my seventh album of songs, wandering how to launch a great campaign, book amazing tour dates and raise my profile. I still get excited about sharing my songs and love hearing feedback about how a lyric connected with someone else. In fact, i am excited to start the musical journey afresh. So here's to delving back into the past and getting some perspective on the great days we are offered.